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Product Information

Product Information

This area contains several Downloadable PDF Documents which provide background information on our software as well as our condition assessment services for Roads and Bridges. Manuals for all Moloneys Asset Management software are also available for download from this site. We would welcome any further enquiries on these or other matters, please contact us to discuss them further.
You can download any of the documents here. Please fill in the required details below to access the manuals for download. The fields with a * are mandatory.
Asset Valuations for Roads

This document explains the basis of the Road asset valuations that are undertaken within the Moloney Roads Module.

It details the 2 methods available to manage the asset accounting figures for the years between the asset condition surveys. It also explains the variables that can be applied within the AMS to the valuation of assets

Financial Modelling Amendment Jan 2013
The Model All File has been amended to enable renewal backlogs to be dealt with over a user defined period. This document covers the amendments and provides an example of the modelling outcome.
Financial Modelling Training Document

This is a copy of the document we use as the basis of our financial modelling training. It should be read in conjunction with the Version N3 financial modelling Manual as well as the Model All Manual.

It is designed to assist with out training sessions on the financial model and to provide a quick refresher following the training session. Updated Nov 2013

List of Road and Bridge Condition Assessments by MAMS

This document contains the details of all condition assessments undertaken by MAMS since 1995, for both bridge and road assets. There are 182 individual projects listed, with details of the work undertaken and the contact details for each council involved.

You are welcome to contact any of the councils, but bear in mind the contact person may have moved on in some cases as the list goes back to 1995. However, we thought it was important to provide full details of all projects undertaken.

Local Road Condition Assessment Methodology
In conjunction with around 50 Local Government Authorities MAMS has developed a Road Condition Assessment Methodology that is specifically designed to meet the needs of Local Government.

The basic premise is that the performance of around 90 -95% of local roads is not linked to traffic loading, but rather environmental factors. We have thus moved away from the well established methods that are linked to heavy traffic damage to a system that better reflects the performance of lightly trafficked local road.
Moloney Asset Management Systems MAMS - Background Information
This document contains some basic information relating mainly to the MAMS software. It covers the software we have as well as how it links together and what it covers.

Sample Bridge Condition Report following a network Condition Assessment

We undertake condition assessments of bridge assets and provide a comprehensive report into the bridge network following the surveys. The focus of our report is to provide a bridge replacement-major rehabilitation program as well as a costed list of all recommended works.

We also benchmark your performance since the previous survey as well as benchmarking against all councils assessed.

Sample Road Condition Report following a network Condition Assessment

A very big part of our business relates to the condition assessment of road networks. Where many systems fall down is in analysing the network performance following such a survey. We are very strong on the benchmarking on both individual performance (change between surveys) and the comparison with all other councils assessed on the same basis.

The focus of our report is to benchmark the results both internally and at an industry wide level as well as using the Moloney model to provide a 20-year predicted renewal demand profile.

Updating the Financial Model - Year to Year

If you have spent the time to create a sound modelling scenario then you really should not have to repeat this work in the following year. The software itself has the ability to account for your renewal expenditure and to degrade the assets for the time since last detailed assessment and provide you with a new template for modelling forward from that point.

To update your financial modelling results from an earlier time, when there has been no new condition survey the process should be relatively simpe.  The process is broadly as outlined below.