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Financial Modelling - Renewal Gap Module

The Moloney Financial Model predicts

  • Future renewal demand based on a desired asset condition Outcome
  • Future asset condition based upon a proposed renewal expenditure profile

There are 3 downloadable files below. The first covers the latest N3 Version of the Software in the Excel 2007 and later versions the second covers the software in the Excel 2003 and earlier versions.

The third file is used in conjunction with other Moloney capital asset modules and is used to transfer data directly from those modules to the Modelling files. It does this by using the excel filters to select the required sub set of the data for import into the Input Pro Forma File. This file is only useable with other Moloney Asset Management Modules.

There are also 2 word documents, one explaining how to transfer data to the downloaded N3 software version from older versions of the software and the other how to update the modelling results annually to allow for capital works and the degradation of the assets with time.

The Valuation Reconcilliation file is an Excel file that will take two data sets and provided you have the same numeric ID in both sets will line them up segment by segment allowing for gaps where the same ID is not within both data sets. It then highlights the changes in Valuation, Condition and Quantity for all segments in both data set.

Last Updated: 
Friday, 28 April, 2017