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The Funding Scenario Finder - Within the Modellinh Module

To All Users of Moloney Modelling software Some time back we developed a funding scenario finder within our financial modelling module that enables you to create a recommended future funding profile that meets the following three criteria.
  1. Delivers a selected extent of over intervention aassets
  2. Does this within a specified time frame
  3. Allows for an annual compounding increase in spending in order to lower the start spend
It can also operate over 20 individual data sets within the model in the one operation and as such optomises the expenditure between those data sets. While the function has been within the software for some time now, we have placed a new sheet into the "ModelAll" file that provides details of how to set the process up for a single run with assets sets having very different service lives. There is also a guide that provides a range of overall condition outcomes for the whole process from "Excellent" through to "Very Poor". Hence you can set your desired condition outcome over the 20 data sets in one operation. The link below will take you directly to a downloadable PDF within our updated web site so please take thew time to have a look at an important change that should be of great benefit to all users of our financial model,   Peter Moloney 0419529743