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Updates to all 3 Financial Modelling files

A small error was brought to our attention in a single linked formulae within the "Cumulative Renewal Gap" graph on the All Assets by asset group tab of the "Asset Graphs" file We fixed this and took the opportunity to make several other small amendments within all 3 of the files. The changes are not too great but we did introduce the concept of "Annual Liability" to the "Funding Scenario finder" within the Model All file some time back and we have now carried those changes through to the "Input Pro Forma" file for consistency, as well as refining some of the definitions of the extent of the level of OIA's (over intervention assets) as used within the "Funding scenario finder". The amended files are now available on our web site and if you have any queries then please don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss. Regards Peter Moloney