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Moloney Asset Management Systems Announcements

General announcements from Moloney Asset Management Systems.

Purchase orders for 2018 - 2019 Maintenance Agreement

We will be posting out our software upgrade and maintenance agreement invoices in early July for the 2018 - 2019 Financial year. The agreement is voluntery but it does entitle you to software upgrades and assistance for the full year

If you require a Purchase order Number to be included on the invoice we post out could you please send me the details over the next few weeks.

The Software Maintenance fees will all be the same as they were last year and are summarised below.

Continuation of MAMS

Just a brief note to let all of our present customers know that MAMS has no plans to cease trading.

Modelling and Roads Software update April 2018

Amendments have been made to both the roads module and the financial modelling module and both are now available for download from our web site

Clarification on Software Maintenance Fees

To All Moloney Software users - Particularly those with just the Financial Modelling software

Just a quick point of clarification following our message of a couple of weeks ago.

The invitation to take up the maintenance agreement covers all of our asset management modules. But several councils just have the Financial modelling - Renewal Gap module on it's own. The maintenance cost for this module is $400 + GST.

Purchase order for Maintenance account

As in past years I will be sending out an invitation to participate in our annual software maintenance and upgrade agreement in early July. If you require a Purchace Order to be nominated on the account could you please get the details to me ASAP so that I can include that with the invoice.

Our rates will be the same as last year and are as detailed below.

Purchase order for 2016 - 2017 Maintenance fees

We will be sending out accounts for the 2016 - 2017 software maintenance and upgrade agreement in early July. As in past years if you require a Purchase Order number to be attached to the invoice could you please advise me of the number before 1/7/2016

The Fees will be the same as they were last year. Thanks for your support and please get back to me if you have any queries.

Updated Renewal Gap Files Available

We have released the new Renewal Gap software version N2 today 16/10/09.

The main areas of improvement are:
  1. Better Data Validation before running the program
  2. Full User flexibility in the automatic set up of asset groups within the Asset Graphs File.
  3. New sheet within Asset Graphs file to assist Victorian Councils in completing the "DPCD Sustainability" Reporting Sheet
Please go to the website if you wish to down load the new version. The updated manual for the new version is also now available on the site.
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