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Updated Renewal Gap Files Available

We have released the new Renewal Gap software version N2 today 16/10/09.

The main areas of improvement are:
  1. Better Data Validation before running the program
  2. Full User flexibility in the automatic set up of asset groups within the Asset Graphs File.
  3. New sheet within Asset Graphs file to assist Victorian Councils in completing the "DPCD Sustainability" Reporting Sheet
Please go to the website if you wish to down load the new version. The updated manual for the new version is also now available on the site.

The new program will be of immense value to the more advanced user of the software who wants to tailor the system to meet specific and unique needs.

Setting up a template within the "Asset Graphs" file used to be a big task but now this can be very easily achieved by anyone, by simply nominating which of the 40 individual data sets you want to allocate to the available 10 asset groupings within Asset Graphs.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on PH 03 5476 2234 or Mob 0419 529 743