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Modelling and Roads Software update April 2018

Changes to the Roads module:
Some time ago we amended the roads module so that the written down value could be calculated based on the age of the assets. This is a small but significant change that allows you to have individual valuation dates for the six road sub assets. The date that was within cells P5 - P10 on the "Run" Sheet of St-Data2 used to be the date that the program was updated. This date is still displayed within Table R2 but the dates within P5 - P10 now record the valuation date as per Cell J2 when the sub assets are updated. This now permits different valuation dates for the 6 road sub assets.

Changes to Financial Modelling Software:
The modelling software was amended to include a "Funding Scenario Finder" that could be used to both create recommended funding profiles based on desired condition outcome, as well as optimizing the renewal funding across different asset sets. We felt it had some really strong applications, but it was not picked up as widely as we expected. We have now placed an explanation sheet into the "Model All" file that will hopefully make the function more accessible. The real strength of this function rests with it's ability to operate over all 20 data sets within "Model All" and to optimize renewal expenditure between the 20 data sets.

As always please don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any queries regarding the latest amendments.